Jessica Manicures & Pedicures

When it comes to natural nails Jessica is considered a world leading brand, with a range of Jessica retail products to achieve naturally beautiful nails.

Jessica Manicures

Re-Varnish – Polish only

  • 15 minute treatment, £10.00

File and Polish/or file and cuticle treatment

  • 30 minute treatment, £17.00

Mini  – includes cuticle work, nail shaping and polish

  • 45 minute treatments, £25.00

French  – as the mini manicure, but with hand massage, and French polish.

  • 60 minute treatment, £35.00

Standard  – as the mini manicure, but with heated mitts and massage.

  • 60 minute treatment, £35.00

Luxury  – as the Standard, but includes the LeRemedi treatment

  • 75 minute treatment, £42.00

LeRemedi – a facial for the hands (includes exfoliation and mask).

  • 30 minute treatment, £19.00


Zen Spa Pedicures


File and Polish/or File and Cuticle Treatment

  • 30 minute treatment, £18.50

 Mini – includes cuticle work or hard skin removal, nail shaping and polish

  • 45 minute treatment, £26.50

Standard – hard skin & cuticle work, massage, heated booties, nail shaping &  polish

  • 60 minute treatment, £35.50

Luxury – as Standard Pedicure above, with leg exfoliant, leg massage and mask

  • 75 minute treatment, £42.00


GELeration Manicures and Pedicures

Recently Jessica has introduced a soak-off GELeration Gel Polish.  With the health of the natural nail in mind, Jessica’s GELeration gel formula delivers a long lasting (up to two weeks), high shine and chip free finish that is dry in seconds and protects your natural nail.

Please note that whilst the soft gels are very durable, they are not completely indestructible!  You will get the best GELeration results when your nail tips protrude beyond your fingers/thumbs to enable your nail ends to be sealed.

GELeration Application only (no filing, shaping or cuticle work)

  • 30 minute treatment, £23.00

GELeration Mini Manicure/Pedicure – includes nail shaping, or cuticle work

  • 45 minute treatment, £31.00

GELeration Manicure/Pedicure – includes both nail shaping and cuticle work

  • 60 minute treatment, £38.50

Removal of GELeration Polish

  • Return to the salon for another GELeration manicure and have gels removed for £9.00.
  •  GELeration removal followed by a nourishing express manicure for £25.00.
  • A home removal kit costing £13.50 (for up to five removals) can be purchased for safe removal of your GELeration polish at home.