We offer two skin care ranges, Germaine de Capuccini and Spa Find.  When visiting us our professional beauty therapists will analyse your skin condition and advise on the best products for you.  You will receive a relaxing neck and shoulder massage with every Germaine de Capuccini facial.

Germaine de Capuccini Facials

Germaine de Capuccini is a leading skin care range, their products are formulated to the highest quality using plant marine and vitamin based ingredients. By combining the best products, together with relaxing protocols and massage therapies you’ll be back for more!

Introductory Facial

  • 45 minute treatment, £29.50
An express treatment to revive and refresh the skin

Prescriptive Facial

  • 60 minute treatment, £40.50
Your treatment will include cleanse, with hot towels, a deeply renewing exfoliation, mask and massage.

Diamond Noir

  • 60 minute treatment, £46.00
A good anti-aging facial to help hydrate your skin and to stimulate collagen.  This treatment regenerates and restores the skin’s youthfulness.

Glycolic Facial Peel (add on treatment only)

  • 15 minute treatment (when added to another facial or Caci treatment), £12.00
By starting any facial treatment with Glycocure, the skin is deeply renewed.  The surface of the skin is immediately improved, wrinkles and irregularities are faded, open pores are minimized and congestion reduced.

Glycocure Peel Facial

  • 60 minute treatment, £46.00
As the 15-minute add on treatment above.  Followed by a mask to suit your skin type, light therapy treatment to help soften fine lines or extraction and a relaxing shoulder massage. Results are maintained by using the Glycocure products at home.

Hydracure (for Dry/Dehydrated skin)

  • 75  minute treatment, £59.00
Provides total hydration for dehydrated skin.  Contains hyaluronic acid to restore hydration and prevent water loss whilst strengthening and improving firmness of skin.  Your skin will be left with a complete feeling of comfort, smooth, soft and radiant.

Collagen Renewal

  • 75 minute treatment, £56.50
An anti-aging hydrating facial. Using a powerful collagen mask to stimulate and regenerate the natural production of the skins collagen. Your skin is left smoother, highly nourished with a more youthful appearance.


  • 75 minute treatment, £60.00
Based on micro-dermabrasion without the use of a machine.  Skin tone is revived, imperfections are minimalised and the complexion is left radiant.

Timexpert Rides (for Advanced Anti-Aging)

  • 75 minute treatment, £64.00
One of our most popular therapies for those aged 40 and over, concerned with the signs of lines and wrinkles.  For maximum continuing results consider using the Timexpert Rides products at home.

Timexpert White

  • 75 minute treatment, £63.00
Anti-aging treatment, which helps to prevent and lighten the appearance of dark spots.  Using a Glycolic facial peel, together with micro-dermabrasion, this treatment provides instant radiance to the skin.  A good treatment to have before any special occasions.

Timexpert Lift

  • 75 minute treatment, £63.00
A very nourishing and firming anti-ageing facial, which helps skin that has lost its volume and tone, particular care is given to the neck.

Timexpert Eye Treatment

  • 30 minute treatment, £26.00
The eye area is a delicate area and shows the first signs of aging.  This treatment is recommended for anyone aged 30 and over, it can be performed as a treatment on its own or alongside any of our facial therapies.  For best results always use a good eye product at home.

Find Spa Facials

Spa Find uses skin friendly products blending natural Dead Sea minerals and organic plant extracts.  Spa Find products contain no parabens and are hypo-allergenic.

Express Facial

  • 30 minute treatment, £20.50
This facial is an ideal skin pick-me-up prior to a holiday or special occasion or for those short of time.  It involves cleansing and toning the skin, followed by a mask and moisturise.

Renewed Radiance

  • 60 minute treatment, £35.00
Ideal for dry sensitive skin.  This facial includes cleansing and toning the skin, a neck and shoulder massage, followed by a nourishing mask and moisturiser.

Black Mud Facial

  • 75 minute treatment, £50.00
Suitable for all skin types this is a deep cleansing mineral facial, containing two face masks, neck and shoulder massage and a lymphatic drainage massage. Why not add on one of the following treatments when you have any of our facials for the special prices, as below Mini back massage – £11.00 Glycolic Facial Peel – £12.00 Timexpert Eye Treatment – £16.00 Eyebrow Tidy – £8.50