PhD Waxing and Lycon Waxing

We use two waxing systems PHD and Lycon.


(Professional, Hygienic, Disposable)  – a warm wax system using a separate applicator head for each client.
Full leg including a 15 minute bikini line£35.50Full leg including a Brazilian bikini line£45.50
Full leg including a G String bikini line£43.00Full leg including a Hollywood bikini line£49.50
Full leg£28.00Eyebrow Tidy£9.50
¾ leg£23.00Lip or Chin£8.50
½ leg£16.50Lip and Chin£10.00
½ leg (top)£20.00Side of Face£9.00
15 min bikini line£11.50Under Arm£10.50
G String bikini line£18.50Lower Arm£13.00
Brazilian bikini line£22.00Full Arm£19.00
Hollywood bikini line£26.50Chest Wax£23.00
Underarm£10.50Back Wax£23.00


The crème da la crème of hair removal waxes.  Formulated with the finest natural resins and bees wax, Lycon delivers superior results removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm.  Lycon’s low temperature and gentle waxing system is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. This waxing system is ideal for underarms, bikini line and facial waxing.
Bikini Line£15.00Underarm£14.00
G. String£22.00Lip Wax£9.50
Brazilian£27.00Lip and Chin£12.00